‘De Vlindertuin’ timber-frame school ready for the future

It was happy faces all round in Londerzeel on 18 April as the nursery section of the local Centrumschool opened its doors, with headteacher Katelijne Jespers, local education councillors, the mayor, children's council members and many other VIP guests in attendance.

New building urgently needed

The story behind this school-building project is as follows: The nursery school's buildings on Lijsterstraat dated back to the early 1970s. While the school's quiet location and separate nursery section saw it grow into a thriving kindergarten, the school building itself had become outdated after more than 40 years of use. Modernisation was urgently needed to ensure that the Centrumschool could go on providing a warm and cosy learning environment for over 100 enthusiastic toddlers.

Energy-efficient construction

Timber-frame construction was the ideal choice. MBS built a new school complex on the site and headteacher Katelijne Jespers is delighted with the results: "The new school is not only energy-efficient but also has five light and spacious classrooms, a covered play area and class gardens. For all our teaching staff, it's a dream come true. The nursery school has even been given a new name: ‘Centrumschool De Vlindertuin’ (Butterfly Garden Central School). We're now ready to meet all the educational needs of the future head-on."

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