Machiels Building Solutions to build 30 student rooms in two weeks

LEUVEN - Limburg-based construction company Machiels Building Solutions will start building a student complex in Leuven tomorrow. The five-storey building will be erected in a record time of two weeks.

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There is no sign of it yet, but in just two weeks' time Blijde Inkomststraat in Leuven will be home to a five-storey building housing around 30 rooms for students. "This is possible thanks to a special construction technique whereby all the walls are prefabricated at our industrial plant. All the workers need to do then is assemble them", explains Machiels Building Solutions' General Manager Filip Vercauteren.

The building is made up of 243 components assembled on site, measuring up to 10 metres wide and one storey high and with exterior joinery built-in. The project is the tallest structure in Belgium to use this construction technique.