Machiels Building Solutions expands its sales team

The growing interest in timber-frame construction worldwide comes as no surprise, as this is a fast and eco-friendly construction technique and also has much lower failure costs when combined with industrial prefabrication. In a bid to further harness that potential, MBS has taken on two new employees: Tom Robyns (Commercial Director) and René Oldhof (Sales Engineer - Netherlands). With their knowledge and experience, MBS will be even better placed to continue its strong growth trajectory.

Tom Robyns, Genk born and bred

Tom Robyns started work as Commercial Director at Machiels Building Solutions on 1 September 2020: "As someone born and brought up in Genk, I feel privileged to be able to work in the MBS production plant on the old Ford site, with an office overlooking the fascinating redevelopment of the area. After a long career at a global player in the façade construction segment, this feels like coming home."

 Building more sustainably with timber-frame construction
After 20 years in the industry, Tom remains as passionate as ever about construction: "Timber-frame construction is a growing market, and I want to work with the MBS team to further develop that potential. Brick, concrete and steel are set to face stiff competition from timber construction. The new watchwords are speed, industrialisation and eco-friendliness, which are precisely the things that timber-frame construction brings to the table. So the future looks bright."

Close collaboration
Tom Robyns
is keen to convince clients of the merits of MBS's innovative solutions: "Personal contact ensures that we're on the same wavelength from the outset, and that lays firm foundations for a constructive partnership. Together with our customers, we'll go on building a beautiful and sustainable world."

> If you'd like to talk to Tom in person and learn more about timber-frame construction, you can reach him on +32 499 52 37 45 or at


René Oldhof: "I want to make MBS even bigger in the Netherlands"

René Oldhof joined MBS during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic: "That made it even more challenging because, being Dutch, I think it's very important for me to liaise closely with my Belgian colleagues. The first few months were a fascinating voyage of discovery, during which I became absolutely convinced of the MBS approach. That's why I want to use all my experience to further bolster our market position in the Netherlands."

 The Dutch nitrogen issue
As well as focusing on CO2 reduction, the Dutch government is working very hard to drive down nitrogen emissions. René thinks this will offer new opportunities for timber-frame construction: "If you do all the engineering and production in-house, as we do at MBS, it means you can offer a complete guarantee. Add to that the fact that we install the ready-to-use façade panels, including window frames and cladding, without any scaffolding, and you understand why MBS still has tremendous growth potential here. Also, our façades are fitted in front of the walls and floors and so immediately form a sealed unit, whereas our Dutch competitors traditionally install them between the walls and floors and have to make the whole structure watertight afterwards."

> Contact René Oldhof directly on +31 6 36 05 22 20 or at