MBS builds 250 sustainable holiday villas for Terhills

This spring, MBS will begin constructing 250 holiday villas for the prestigious Terhills tourism project. The holiday park, which is located on the former Eisden mining site, is expected to open its doors in autumn 2020. MBS is ushering in a new era when it comes to holiday cottages, after we helped build Germany's largest Center Parcs resort last year.

The Limburg investment company (LRM) recently gave the green light to the construction of the holiday cottages (and surrounding infrastructure) at Terhills. This resort, together with the existing Terhills Hotel, the Terhills Cablepark and the main entrance gate to the Hoge Kempen National Park, will form the beating heart of the former Eisden mining site.

Energy-efficient, timber-frame villas

Terhills marks MBS' second prestigious leisure project in a row. “Last year we produced and assembled 401 holiday cottages in Allgäu. We are now working with Willemen Construct on producing and assembling 250 detached timber-frame holiday villas. There are five types of holiday cottage, with space for 2 to 12 people. MBS is responsible for producing and assembling the 2D shells of the cottages, while Willemen Construct is taking care of the finishing work and internal services. This project allows us to once again showcase our work as a timber-frame construction specialist for holiday cottages," says a happy Filip Vercauteren, the CEO of Machiels Building Solutions. Tractebel will support LRM during construction.

Focus on a green, sustainable resort

Several demo cottages will be built at Terhills in the run-up to the start of construction. The experience amassed during the construction of these demo cottages will underpin the construction of the actual holiday cottages. 

Filip Vercauteren can already reveal that “Terhills is becoming a green and sustainable holiday park, as you can see from the plans to use environmentally friendly means of transport, such as electric bicycles, shuttles, boats and golf carts, and generate green electricity using floating solar panels and a battery park, for example. It is no wonder that the villas will also be energy efficient and made of sustainable materials. Furthermore, timber-frame construction is so designed that the cottages seamlessly blend into the landscape and the surrounding bodies of water.”

A Limburg project at heart

This new assignment is helping MBS to expand even further. The Genk-based timber-frame construction firm has experienced strong growth in recent years and ambitions remain high, as Louis Machiels, the Chairman of the MBS Board of Directors, knows only too well: “Timber-frame construction is an industrialised construction method that allows us to assemble two top-quality, ready-to-use holiday cottages a day. Thanks to this production capacity, we occupy a unique position on the market of large and complex timber-frame construction projects. This assignment, which is worth over €20 million, involves a significant amount of work. We are hiring extra employees to help us successfully complete this project. Our existing customers can rest assured, we have enough capacity to continue smoothly supplying everyone with timber-frame construction components."

Louis Machiels is proud that LRM chose MBS: “National borders pose no obstacle to MBS. We have already successfully completed timber-frame construction projects in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. However, as a Limburg company, being able to contribute to the economic development of your own province is still very special indeed. These holiday cottages will ultimately be located a mere 20 kilometres from our offices. At Terhills, we are helping to turn a former mining site into an international tourist attraction. As soon as the holiday park opens, it will boost prosperity in both Maasland and Limburg. We are proud to be contributing to this new recreational jewel in Limburg's crown. Our subcontractors, who deal with the foundation slabs, roof works and joinery, for instance, are also from this area, which undoubtedly makes Terhills a Limburg project at heart."

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