Should you also factor in the carbon storage in the clear pine wood, wood-frame houses are carbon-neutral. "But even without being allowed to take this into account, the Product Life Cycle Assessment we commissioned shows that we score better than a traditional house made of stone, cement and steel in all areas," says Daan Peeters of Machiels Building Solutions.

Published on 28.09.2023
Auteur Koen Lauwereyns, Bouwkroniek

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Machiels Building Solutions produced its 1,000th low-energy timber-frame holiday home just before the construction holidays.


A nice milestone for Machiels Building Solutions: the timber-frame specialist produced the 1,000th holiday home in its Genk production hall just before the construction holidays.

The 48th holiday home of the 87 units, which Machiels Building Solutions produced in collaboration with Rijkevorsel-based contractor Van Roey, for the Zeeland holiday park "de Veerse Kreek", is therefore now on MBS's record symbolising the 1,000th timber-frame holiday home.

MBS specialises in timber frame construction, first producing all building elements, including windows, doors and wooden cladding at the factory. The elements produced at the Genk plant are then assembled on site. The holiday homes, which meet the same requirements as ordinary homes, consume no fossil fuels.

Machiels Building Solutions (MBS) previously had the honour of building 401 holiday homes for Center Parcs in Germany's largest holiday park, Park Allgäu, located at theRead More

From too early to distant lead: MBS aims to double up

At the time, Machiels Building Solutions, abbreviated as MBS, was one of the absolute pioneers in modular timber frame construction. Under the umbrella of Group Machiels, the company moved from Beringen to the former Ford site in Genk and, step by step, managed to capture the market. Now that the advantages of this construction technique are widely praised, MBS is getting ready for the next growth spurt. This is happening under the impetus of their new CEO: Daan Peeters.Read More

89 new holiday homes on Lake Veere near the marina of the authentic village of Wolphaartsdijk


Machiels Building Solutions (MBS), the Genk-based timber-frame construction company of Group Machiels, is building 89 holiday homes on Lake Veere near the marina of the authentic village of Wolphaartsdijk in Zeeland (NL) in collaboration with the contractor Van Roey from Rijkevorsel.Read More

Machiels Building Solutions designs, manufactures and assembles prefabricated 3D wood-frame bungalow for Center-Parcs Bispinger Heide near Hamburg.

The number of assignments that MBS has already had the privilege of carrying out for Center Parcs, part of the Pierre et Vacances group, clearly shows that the 2D construction method that MBS uses fits in well with their needs to build vacation parks sustainably, easily, quickly and with quality.

In order to reduce to an absolute minimum or even completely exclude any inconvenience to the environment during assembly on the construction site, MBS has now designed, in consultation with Center Parcs, a hybrid solution consisting of both 3D units and 2D prefabricated elements in wood frame construction.

This innovative solution will meet high technical requirements in terms of insulation, techniques and sustainability and will symbolize the future. 

The 3D units were produced under ideal weather conditions at the end of March and fully finished (including techniques, roof, windows,...) assembled in the  
MBS production hall in Genk (Belgium) by our ownRead More

Machiels Building Solutions is building 80 energy-efficient holiday homes for Center Parcs in Germany's Eifel region.

GENK / Eifel - Good news for Machiels Building Solutions: the timber-frame construction specialist has signed another agreement with Center Parcs, part of the Pierre et Vacances / Center Parcs group, for the production and assembly of 80 holiday homes. The holiday park, Park Eifel, will completely reopen its doors in mid-2023.

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Nearly zero energy new builds for flagship projects 'Ter Dauten' and 'In de Bres'

Want to roll out an affordable housing project involving timber-frame construction and an E-level of 30 or less? Two flagship eco-projects in Belgium, 'Ter Dauten' (20 homes in Diepenbeek) and 'In de Bres' (16 new-build units in Genk), show that this can be done. Aside from their obvious environmental benefits, nearly zero energy homes, as they are known, also reduce residents' energy bills. The reason for the low E-level can be found in the production process. Timber-frame construction enables optimal insulation without very thick walls, because each panel is made as watertight and airtight as possible during prefabrication in the production plant.Read More

Maintenance-free timber façade for a car and cycle park for commuters

Next to Aalst railway station in Belgium is a covered parking facility with spaces for 900 cars and 750 bicycles. This car and cycle park is a good example of timber-frame façade construction: the façade elements are finished to the last detail in the production facility before being transported to the station site and fit seamlessly into the metal suspension system on the concrete basic structure. Machiels Building Solutions was commissioned by THV Besix-Jan De Nul to install the façade on a site with little room for manoeuvre, without disrupting rail services and before the concrete structure was fully completed. Add those time savings to the creative finishing possibilities and the maintenance-friendly nature of timber-frame construction, and you can see why the Belgian railway company SNCB opted for this solution.Read More

Wood-wool flakes and building regulations spice up sustainable non-residential construction in Landgraaf (the Netherlands)

The Dutch construction sector focuses heavily on eco-friendly solutions. One example of this is the ambulance station in Landgraaf. This ingenious piece of sustainable non-residential construction is an ecological tour de force. Moreover, the building also looks sustainable, with its larch exterior cladding and FSC® wood-wool flake insulation. That is why construction company Bouwbedrijf Van Gerven turned to the Belgian firm Machiels Building Solutions. The fact that the construction technology allowed work to proceed at top speed was the icing on the cake, because the new ambulance station was urgently needed. Fortunately, thanks to the efficient prefabrication in MBS's controlled production facility, the construction process was able to meet the tight schedule.Read More

De Kwekerij opts for sustainable timber-frame construction: 244 new homes for young people in Utrecht

In 2021, Machiels Building Solutions (MBS) will deliver a complete prefab façade for the De Kwekerij housing development in Utrecht East (Netherlands). With sustainability an integral part of the whole project, timber-frame construction is a perfect fit, as wood captures CO2 rather than emitting it. This is just one of the reasons why the buildings have been awarded a two-star BREEAM quality rating. MBS will be fitting the façade in front of the floors, thereby forming a single continuous structure. As the building is immediately wind-, water- and air-tight, the interior finishing work can start much faster.Read More

Work on The Cube in Utrecht progressing faster thanks to timber-frame construction

On behalf of construction company Van Wijnen, Machiels Building Solutions (MBS) is producing sustainable timber-frame façades for The Cube in Utrecht (Netherlands), a project involving 639 student housing units and public facilities. Timber-frame construction means that the building can be wind-, water- and air-tight quicker, so the interior finishing work can begin sooner. What's more, the end result fits perfectly with the city's Healthy Urban Living approach.Read More

"Timber-frame construction project closer to home than ever before"

Just 10 kilometres from Machiels Building Solutions (MBS) HQ is Azalealaan in the Driehoeven neighbourhood of Genk (Belgium), where social-housing company Nieuw Dak is renovating two blocks of flats containing 32 apartments. The homes will remain occupied throughout the work, meaning that MBS's fast, no-scaffolding construction method and minimal-disruption approach will really come into their own.Read More

MBS involved in building super-fast velodrome in Zolder (Belgium)

Since 2009, former professional cyclist Marc Wauters has been working towards creating a new high-speed velodrome at the Zolder motor-racing circuit, with wide bends suitable for international championships. After more than 10 years, this 'velo dream' is finally becoming a reality: contractors Vanhout and Houben are forming a joint venture for the project, which is due to be completed by 2023, with Machiels Building Solutions (MBS) supplying the timber-frame façade elements.Read More

MBS builds 250 sustainable holiday villas in just 10 months

Good progress is being made on construction of the Terhills holiday park in Dilsen-Stokkem (Belgium): Machiels Building Solutions (MBS) has now put up the last holiday villa. All the villas were industrially prefabricated at MBS's plant in Genk and erected using the timber-frame construction method, a fast and sustainable building technique that is gaining ground in Belgium.Read More

Timber-frame construction a popular choice for urban façade renovations

What are the most popular applications of timber-frame construction? Façade renovation is certainly high on the list. One example is the Julius Vuylstekelaan renovation project in Antwerp, our latest façade construction challenge. MBS, together with construction firm Artes Roegiers and architects arQ, is renovating this inner-city façade using prefab timber-frame construction components, on behalf of the social housing company ABC.Read More

How Machiels Building Solutions is balancing health with business continuity

The coronavirus has had a huge impact, on our health, on our everyday lives and on many companies in the construction sector and beyond. However, Group Machiels in general, and MBS in particular, are all about entrepreneurship. Even in these unpredictable times, we are staying positive and looking for creative solutions. On the one hand, we are doing everything possible to keep up our production. On the other hand, we are helping to tackle the coronavirus by donating face masks to the Maaseik hospital.Read More

Machiels Building Solutions named Limburg's fastest growing medium-sized company

Machiels Building Solutions' strong growth in recent years has not escaped the notice of the weekly business and finance magazine Trends. In its annual ranking, MBS takes the top spot in the list of fastest growing medium-sized companies in Limburg.Read More

Timber-frame construction breaks through decisively into large-scale façade construction

Genk-based timber-frame construction firm Machiels Building Solutions (MBS) is celebrating after landing two prestigious new façade construction projects for 2020: Doktoren in Antwerp (Belgium) and The Cube in Utrecht (Netherlands). The company, which is part of Group Machiels, owes its success in façade construction to one specific advantage: industrial prefabrication of timber-frame construction components means that the hard work takes place inside (at its production facility) rather than outside (on the building site). This makes the construction process more efficient.

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Orange fever in Genk: MBS helps to expand leading Dutch holiday park

Buitenhof De Leistert, near Roermond in the south-east of the Netherlands, has built up a great reputation in the region. It has also expanded significantly every year since it opened in 2011. For its latest upgrade, this ambitious holiday park looked across the Dutch-Belgian border, commissioning Genk-based Machiels Building Solutions (MBS) to supply it with 50 new holiday homes by spring 2020.Read More

MBS builds innovation centre in under four months

For the Mosa-RT school in Maaseik, Friday 21 June 2019 will be remembered as the day it opened its brand-new innovation centre. For Machiels Building Solutions (MBS), it will go down as one of the company's toughest-ever deadlines. "We only started the assembly work during the spring holiday in early March," says Filip Vercauteren (MBS), "yet the opening ribbon had to be cut before the end of the school year." No mean feat, but MBS once again proved its credentials as a school-building specialist.Read More

MBS producing one ready-made holiday home a day for Terhills

It is all systems go at the Terhills holiday park, where Machiels Building Solutions (MBS) is currently delivering the shell of one holiday villa every single working day. "After the summer break, we plan to step up the rate even further, delivering seven to eight homes a week," anticipates Filip Vercauteren (MBS). Despite the fast pace, safety remains paramount for Genk-based MBS, which recently signed the Belgian Construction Confederation's 'Safety My Priority' charter.

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MBS builds 250 sustainable holiday villas for Terhills

This spring, MBS will begin constructing 250 holiday villas for the prestigious Terhills tourism project. The holiday park, which is located on the former Eisden mining site, is expected to open its doors in autumn 2020. MBS is ushering in a new era when it comes to holiday cottages, after we helped build Germany's largest Center Parcs resort last year.Read More

MBS supports the Green Deal Circular Construction

The use of materials accounts for over 60% of Flanders' CO2 emissions, and around 30% to 40% of our waste comes from the construction sector. Due to the size of the sector and the total volume of materials involved, a shift towards a circular economy could really make a difference. This is why MBS, alongside 230 other leading companies, has pledged to reuse products and materials as much as possible and to minimise residual waste.Read More

Earthquake hazard? This is our answer in Groningen.

Following our manufacture and installation of the entire façade of the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU) last year, the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen (HU) has now also opted for façade elements from Machiels Building Solutions (MBS). Why? Our Dutch client has chosen highly finished prefabricated components that are also earthquake resistant. For the innovative technology incorporated into these façade elements enables them to move independently of each other. Their 'crumple zones' can thus absorb any motion caused during an earthquake, preventing damage to vital parts of the building.Read More

Renovation of Puyenbroeck recreation park off to a flying start!

Soon, swimming and exercising in Wachtebeke will be even more fun, now that an extensive refurbishment of the Puyenbroeck recreation park is under way. Not only are the sports centre and swimming pool undergoing a thorough renovation, but a brand new central entrance hall is being built to connect the two buildings. In the same context, MBS is constructing the new administrative building, a timber-frame construction including a cafeteria and dressing rooms on the ground floor and office space and conference rooms on the first floor.Read More

Major facelift rejuvenates the Namur Regional Municipal Aid Centre (CRAC)

The CRAC is one of many large government buildings in Wallonia. However, the office building in Namur is crying out for a new façade, so the Walloon government assigned Machiels Building Solutions to give it a completely new look. Using prefab façade elements makes this facelift fast and efficient and also enables the offices to remain in use during the refurbishment. Furthermore, the construction components are durable and energy-friendly.Read More

School building: upward extension creates more space at Blaasveld school

Machiels Building Solutions has extensive experience in school building, with projects completed in Alken, Londerzeel and Utrecht, among others. We recently built an additional storey on a school in Blaasveld, in the municipality of Willebroek, creating an extra three classrooms in the process. Building upwards and quickly meant that the children did not have to sacrifice their outdoor play area.Read More

‘De Vlindertuin’ timber-frame school ready for the future

It was happy faces all round in Londerzeel on 18 April as the nursery section of the local Centrumschool opened its doors, with headteacher Katelijne Jespers, local education councillors, the mayor, children's council members and many other VIP guests in attendance.Read More

Welcome to De Kleine Reus school in Alken: a modern, comfortable and healthy learning environment

De Kleine Reus ('Little Giant') Primary School in Alken (Belgium) re-opened in late March 2018 following a renovation. Project contractor Machiels Building Solutions (MBS) built a state-of-the-art gym and new classrooms using prefabricated timber-frame walls, floors and roofing. The insulation, exterior joinery, exterior and interior cladding, cables, service ducts and electrical boxes were pre-fitted into the timber-frame construction components at our industrial production plant, meaning we could erect the building in record time while eliminating errors on siteRead More

Five reasons for choosing an upward extension

Haven Genk (Port of Genk) sees many cargo shipments pass through its state-of-the-art container terminal each day. However, last year this thriving inland port suddenly found itself short of space when one of its main logistics customers, in a bid to further develop its ties with the port, decided to establish its own presence on the site. This was the catalyst for Haven Genk to call on Machiels Building Solutions.Read More

The Ecoren pilot project: a unique renovation of 4 homes in just 20 days!

The Ecoren pilot project: a unique renovation of 4 homes in just 20 days!

The Ecoren pilot project entails a unique renovation of 4 homes in just 20 days, focussing on 3 main key aspects: energy, comfort and convenience. Together with the other project partners, Machiels Building Solutions sought energy refurbishment solutions and ways of implementing them without forcing occupants out of their homes for the duration. The results are amazing.

See for yourself by watching the short video (in Dutch), entitled

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Machiels Building Solutions to build 401 holiday cottages at Germany's largest Center Parcs resort

Timber-frame construction specialist Machiels Building Solutions is celebrating after securing the biggest order in its history. The Genk-based firm has signed a contract with Center Parcs (part of the Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs Group) to produce and assemble 401 holiday cottages at the Park Allgäu resort in southern Germany, which is scheduled to open in late 2018.

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Maankwartier – Heerlen's new neighbourhood

A brand-new neighbourhood is set to spring up where Heerlen railway station currently stands. Called the 'Maankwartier' (Moon Quarter), this will be a small town within a town, featuring shops and cafés, a hotel, offices, terraces and homes on various levels and – last but not least – a new station. A key component of the project is the 'plaat' (literally 'plate'), a mixture of bridge and building spanning the railway line and linking up the northern and southern parts of the town.Read More

Machiels Building Solutions supplies timber-frame construction components for HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

The HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht has chosen the SPARK consortium, a combination of BESIX and Strukton Worksphere, to erect its new building on the site of the Bolognalaan car park in Utrecht.Read More

Peerdsbos Provincial Sports Centre in Brasschaat

Work is starting on a new passive building at the existing Peerdsbos sports hall in Brasschaat.

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First panelling installed at new primary school in Terkoest

Press release: On Wednesday, 23 November 2016, the first official timber-frame prefabricated walls were installed at the new primary school and gymnasium in Terkoest.

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iMinds builds Homelab using timber-frame construction

Research institute iMinds (imec) is building a Homelab in Ghent using prefabricated timber-frame construction.Read More

New Jaguar Land Rover Metropool building in Hasselt

Machiels Building Solutions is helping Jaguar Land Rover Metropool in Hasselt with its future development.Read More

MBS builds and installs façades for student accommodation complex in central Antwerp in record time

Limburg-based timber-frame construction company Machiels Building Solutions (MBS) began assembling the façades of a student accommodation and apartment complex this week, as part of the new Roosevelt Square development in the centre of Antwerp. Within less than a fortnight, both the front and back walls of this nine-storey building will be finished and ready for use.

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MBS builds a school in 12 weeks

A new school building has been completed in Vlierbeek, Kessel-Lo, in a record time of 12 weeks.

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Klimop Municipal Primary School in Westrode

The new school building is a replacement for Klimop Primary School's nursery section. This environmentally-friendly construction comprises four new nursery classrooms (two of them featuring a mezzanine), clustered around a circulation space that doubles up as an indoor playground and gym.Read More

Heilig Hart Hospital in Mol

In late 2013, it became clear that the planned merger between the hospitals in Mol and Geel would not be going ahead. In spring 2014, the Heilig Hart Hospital in Mol therefore decided in forge its own path and assess the new challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.Read More

Machiels Building Solutions to build 30 student rooms in two weeks

LEUVEN - Limburg-based construction company Machiels Building Solutions will start building a student complex in Leuven tomorrow. The five-storey building will be erected in a record time of two weeks.

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