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More and more large-scale projects are making use of prefabricated façade elements. Timber-frame construction is the future-proof method for mass-producing high-performance façades with optimum efficiency.

Façade construction applications

  • Timber-frame construction is compatible with any architectural style and any type of façade finish, from brick to wood or rendering.

  • Under EU regulations, the E‑level will need to be drastically reduced in the coming years as stricter energy performance requirements are introduced. Our buildings outperform all traditional systems and easily meet the future standards.

  • Moreover, international studies have found that the lifetime of a timber-structure building is equal to that of other types of building. Indeed, our ETA certificate guarantees precisely that.


Timber-frame construction ensures a perfect building envelope. These construction components deliver in terms of insulation and acoustics, as well as being ecologically sound:

  • Major advantages include speed of construction and the use of high-quality building materials.

  • Moreover, the timber-frame method ensures high-precision construction. This is because our timber walls are prefabricated in optimal conditions, in a conditioned environment unaffected by the weather, so the resulting building envelope is ready for use as soon as it leaves the plant.

  • As MBS supplies turnkey façades, complete with joinery, air sealing, insulation and exterior finishing, there is nothing for our customers to worry about. Furthermore, liability lies with a single party, thus eliminating the risk of disputes between individual subcontractors.

  • Our buildings offer a comfortable indoor climate throughout the year. The vapour-permeable wall structure quickly removes water vapour and prevents any form of condensation. The result is a breathable building in which natural moisture and temperature control ensures maximum comfort.

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