Welcome to De Kleine Reus school in Alken: a modern, comfortable and healthy learning environment

De Kleine Reus ('Little Giant') Primary School in Alken (Belgium) re-opened in late March 2018 following a renovation. Project contractor Machiels Building Solutions (MBS) built a state-of-the-art gym and new classrooms using prefabricated timber-frame walls, floors and roofing. The insulation, exterior joinery, exterior and interior cladding, cables, service ducts and electrical boxes were pre-fitted into the timber-frame construction components at our industrial production plant, meaning we could erect the building in record time while eliminating errors on site

The result is a modern, comfortable and healthy learning environment for the pupils of De Kleine Reus:

·                Prefabricated timber components provide excellent levels of insulation.

·                The certified fire-resistant timber-frame walls ensure outstanding acoustics.

·                Last but not least, the timber-frame construction creates a healthy indoor environment.

Thank you, MBS!!

The official opening was the culmination of a close partnership on which MBS looks back with real satisfaction - as does our client, judging by the enthusiastic thank-you mail we received from Luc Nagels, Chairman of the Vestiging Alken Terkoest foundation. Here are some extracts from his heartwarming feedback:

"25 March 2018 was an unforgettable day for Terkoest as our new-look De Kleine Reus primary school officially opened its doors - the culmination of years of planning, fundraising, construction and last-minute changes. In glorious sunshine, crowds of people turned out to see the new building."


"Parents, teachers and other guests were given an extensive tour of our school and were impressed with what they saw, voicing their admiration for the site, the eco-friendly construction method, the spacious rooms, the integrated multimedia facilities and the dedication of the school's management team and teachers. Terkoest showed that De Kleine Reus Primary School is ready to offer our children a top-class education."


"Our thanks go out to Alken Municipal Council, the architects at Verjans and the construction firm Machiels Building Solutions for their constructive cooperation. We would like to express our gratitude for your collaboration, commitment and support. Many, many thanks to all those involved!"

Luc Nagels, Chairman of Vestiging Alken Terkoest

Jef Engelborghs, Chairman of the De Kleine Reus school board

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