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Your partner for industrial timber-frame construction projects

Machiels Building Solutions (MBS) is Belgium's leading industrial manufacturer of timber construction components (walls, floors and roofing).

Our products provide the ideal solution for architects, engineering firms, construction companies, public authorities and project developers (B2B) when renovating or constructing façades, offices, homes or public buildings.

Nearly zero energy new builds for flagship projects 'Ter Dauten' and 'In de Bres'

Want to roll out an affordable housing project involving timber-frame construction and an E-level of 30 or less? Two flagship eco-projects in Belgium, 'Ter Dauten' (20 homes in Diepenbeek) and 'In de Bres' (16 new-build units in Genk), show that this can be done. Aside from their obvious environmental benefits, nearly zero energy homes, as they are known, also reduce residents' energy bills. The reason for the low E-level can be found in the production process. Timber-frame construction enables optimal insulation without very thick walls, because each panel is made as watertight and airtight as possible during prefabrication in the production plant.

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Maintenance-free timber façade for a car and cycle park for commuters

Next to Aalst railway station in Belgium is a covered parking facility with spaces for 900 cars and 750 bicycles. This car and cycle park is a good example of timber-frame façade construction: the façade elements are finished to the last detail in the production facility before being transported to the station site and fit seamlessly into the metal suspension system on the concrete basic structure. Machiels Building Solutions was commissioned by THV Besix-Jan De Nul to install the façade on a site with little room for manoeuvre, without disrupting rail services and before the concrete structure was fully completed. Add those time savings to the creative finishing possibilities and the maintenance-friendly nature of timber-frame construction, and you can see why the Belgian railway company SNCB opted for this solution.

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Wood-wool flakes and building regulations spice up sustainable non-residential construction in Landgraaf (the Netherlands)

The Dutch construction sector focuses heavily on eco-friendly solutions. One example of this is the ambulance station in Landgraaf. This ingenious piece of sustainable non-residential construction is an ecological tour de force. Moreover, the building also looks sustainable, with its larch exterior cladding and FSC® wood-wool flake insulation. That is why construction company Bouwbedrijf Van Gerven turned to the Belgian firm Machiels Building Solutions. The fact that the construction technology allowed work to proceed at top speed was the icing on the cake, because the new ambulance station was urgently needed. Fortunately, thanks to the efficient prefabrication in MBS's controlled production facility, the construction process was able to meet the tight schedule.

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