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Your partner for industrial timber-frame construction projects

Machiels Building Solutions (MBS) is Belgium's leading industrial manufacturer of timber construction components (walls, floors and roofing).

Our products provide the ideal solution for architects, engineering firms, construction companies, public authorities and project developers (B2B) when renovating or constructing façades, offices, homes or public buildings.


Should you also factor in the carbon storage in the clear pine wood, wood-frame houses are carbon-neutral. "But even without being allowed to take this into account, the Product Life Cycle Assessment we commissioned shows that we score better than a traditional house made of stone, cement and steel in all areas," says Daan Peeters of Machiels Building Solutions.

Published on 28.09.2023
Auteur Koen Lauwereyns, Bouwkroniek


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Machiels Building Solutions produced its 1,000th low-energy timber-frame holiday home just before the construction holidays.


A nice milestone for Machiels Building Solutions: the timber-frame specialist produced the 1,000th holiday home in its Genk production hall just before the construction holidays.

The 48th holiday home of the 87 units, which Machiels Building Solutions produced in collaboration with Rijkevorsel-based contractor Van Roey, for the Zeeland holiday park "de Veerse Kreek", is therefore now on MBS's record symbolising the 1,000th timber-frame holiday home.

MBS specialises in timber frame construction, first producing all building elements, including windows, doors and wooden cladding at the factory. The elements produced at the Genk plant are then assembled on site. The holiday homes, which meet the same requirements as ordinary homes, consume no fossil fuels.

Machiels Building Solutions (MBS) previously had the honour of building 401 holiday homes for Center Parcs in Germany's largest holiday park, Park Allgäu, located at the foot of the Alps. In 2020, MBS engineered, manufactured and delivered 115 timber-frame 3D construction units for Center Parcs De Eemhof in Zeewolde (NL). In Dilsen-Stokken, Belgium, on the former mining site, 250 low-energy wood-frame villas were erected in Terhills holiday park within a span of 10 months and very recently, in May 2023, Certer Parcs, Park Eifel opened at the foot of the Alps. MBS produced 80 homes for this park.

The holiday homes for the Le Bochetay holiday park in the Flemish Ardennes and for Buitenhof De Leistert near Roermond (NL) now bring the tally to 1,000.
Currently, we already have the largest industrial production capacity for timber frame construction in the Benelux. Our production lines can produce a large number of timber-frame elements in a short time, with guaranteed quality. We are therefore able to complete such orders successfully," says Daan Peeters, General Manager of Machiels Building Solutions.

About Machiels Building Solutions: Machiels Building Solutions, whose shareholder is Group Machiels, is Belgium's largest industrial producer of wooden building elements (walls, floors, roofs). Architects, engineering firms, construction companies, public authorities and property developers use its wooden building elements for the renovation or construction of façades, offices, houses or public buildings in Benelux.

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Machiels Building Solutions
Daan Peeters, General Manager

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From too early to distant lead: MBS aims to double up

At the time, Machiels Building Solutions, abbreviated as MBS, was one of the absolute pioneers in modular timber frame construction. Under the umbrella of Group Machiels, the company moved from Beringen to the former Ford site in Genk and, step by step, managed to capture the market. Now that the advantages of this construction technique are widely praised, MBS is getting ready for the next growth spurt. This is happening under the impetus of their new CEO: Daan Peeters.

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